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Specialists In Large Transfer Values

Dave Gooding, ex Management Consultant from a Top Tier consultancy firm, understood that getting specialist advice on his own UK pension transfer could potentially save him significant $$$ by ensuring tax optimisation and Lifetime Allowance considerations were reviewed. Large Transfers include those greater than the current NCC Cap (Non Concessional Contribution Cap).  Learn More

Why Clients Trust Us with their Money

"The reason I chose Sterling Planners was because of their experience with UK Pension Transfers... mainly because it was such a complicated process... with lots of paperwork and rules and regulations to wade through... I did try a couple of other financial advisers and found that they didn't really know their stuff... and that was very difficult because my money was in a different country... I believe it's important to deal with people who know what they're doing. Brent makes it all so easy... he explains everything very well. It's been over 10 years now and he's still looking after my portfolio and we've become very good friends" - Sue Gleave

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Tougher Rules for UK Pension Transfers


October 2017: Sun-Herald, Money Article  - 'Thousands of Aussies caught in tougher rules to transfer British pensions'. Laura McGeoch explains how UK legislative changes implemented in April 2015 have resulted in thousands of Australian expats and British Migrants now having to wait for decades (in some cases) before being able to transfer… Read More.

New UK Transfer Options for Clients with Australian Super Balances close to the Cap of $1.6M.


May 2017 Update - From 1 July 2017, clients who are close to or have already reached their total Australian super fund balance of $1.6M, may have viable options to transfer additional UK pension funds to their Australian (complying ROPS) fund.  Specialist financial advice should be sought to navigate the options available with respect… Read More.