A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream

 Client Focused, Outcomes Based Advice

Our role as your adviser is to help get your financial life in order and keep it that way. Personalised advice, based on decades of financial expertise, is a priceless commodity.

Why come to Sterling Planners for financial advice?

Our benefits include:

  • Innovative Outcomes Based Advice - the most consistent praise we receive from existing clients concerns the innovative software we use to illustrate your financial goals and where you are in relation to achieving them.
  • Team of Specialists Supporting You - including a personal adviser, paraplanner services, client service personnel and an experienced administrative team.
  • We Listen To You - Sterling Planners believe that financial planning is a collaborative process, working together as partners working towards your goals.
  • Peace of Mind - with our professionally managed investment portfolio service you can have the peace of mind that your money is working for you.
  • Easy Access to Staff - you will always be able to speak with a real person to resolve your enquiry.

Our highly experienced Customer Advice Team have accrued over 100 (combined) years of valuable expertise in financial services. We are readily accessible to you, with no automated answering systems, you will always speak to a real person with genuine concern for your enquiry.