Large Transfer Values (Over Current NCC Cap)

9 February 2016


Former Management Consultant (from a Top Tier Accounting firm), David Gooding, describes why he wanted specialist QROPS advice for his own UK Large Transfer Value (i.e. a lump sum value greater than the current Non-concessional Contribution Cap).  These transfers require special treatment for tax optimisation. Recent changes to UK Lifetime Allowance limits in conjunction with BCE (Benefit Chrystalisation Events) also require specialist advice.

The recent 2016 Budget Announcements in Australia saw further changes to Non Concessional Contribution caps. Sterling Planners are renowned specialists in tax optimising Large UK pension Transfers. We have decades of experience navigating the complex requirements for tax optimisation and compliance with all the regulations governing lump sum values greater than the current NCC (Non-concessional Contribution) cap. Our two Senior Advisors have over 23 years of combined experience with UK pension transfers and will make this complex procedure simple and streamlined for you. The highest compliment we receive from our customers is the referral of friends and family, which we regularly receive from our satisfied Large Transfer Value Clients.

Why do financial experts choose to transfer their own UK pensions with Sterling Planners?   click here for short videos from Chartered Accountants, Management Consultants and Lawyers - see why the experts choose Sterling Planners for advice on their own pension transfers.

Our comprehensive UK Pension Report evaluates the financial benefit (or not) of transferring your UK pension to Australia, in addition to your estate planning and retirement planning situation, thus it will help you make the best financial decision about whether or not to transfer your UK funds.