Managing Funds After Divorce and Separation


Divorce can be an emotional and often drawn-out process that can have a significant impact on your wealth and lifestyle. While it’s never easy, the key to surviving its financial impact is to adapt to your changed circumstances and have clear goals.

Sterling Planners can help you address:

  • What should you do with any assets you have received in a settlement?
  • Review your retirement plan and ensure your super strategy is in line with your needs
  • Review your tax situation and ensure you take advantage of any deductions, offsets and allowances available
  • Review your insurances. The insurance you purchased as a couple may be no longer be appropriate, the amount of cover might not be sufficient and your beneficiary may have changed.

Client Testimonial:

" Money issues formed such a crucial part of my divorce. While I sought the best legal advice, I discovered that I needed great financial advice just as much.  Sterling Planners was the solution for me. Nic (Blakemore) helped me to see and understand the alternatives and future implications of various financial decisions I was faced with resulting from my divorce. Now I can face the future with confidence, knowing that my family's current finances and future lifestyle is in very good hands. Thank you so much. "  Dr Kelly Graham, Single Mother of 2

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