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Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading, investing or renovating, it’s an exciting time until you start looking to apply for a loan. At that point it’s easy to be overwhelmed: the options for loan types, numbers of loan providers and the amount of paperwork. From your perspective – most likely – what you’re interested in is getting the best deal and knowing you’ll have the right support through the loan process.

Sterling Planners can introduce you to our partners Next Step Home Loans, specialists in lending for residential and commercial properties, to help you find the right loan. They’ll carefully and swiftly manage you through the process of obtaining a loan so that you can get on with buying your property or beginning your renovation.

Sterling Planners recently acquired Next Step Home Loans. This is an exciting acquisition for Sterling Planners as we can now provide a full service of financial planning solutions to our clients.

Please contact Miles Tauber on 02 9922 3185.


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