Our Clients


Are you a UK Migrant or Expat?

It’s likely you have pension fund money sitting in the UK and may have concerns about the changes in UK legislation and your nest egg eroding instead of growing? Most of our clients initially retained our services to transfer their UK pensions to Australia. Pleased with the advice and service they received, many of them have referred their friends and family to us and remained with us for financial planning advice, given the multinational expertise of our company directors. 

Go to our client testimonials page for videos of Sterling Planner's clients speaking about their experiences with UK Pension Transfers, Self Managed Super Funds, Transition to Retirement Strategies and How to Choose a Financial Planner.

Are you time poor?

We understand life’s daily demands can certainly place new challenges your way, further restricting time you have available to properly manage your finances. The framework we provide ensures a disciplined approach to maintaining and growing your financial strategy with a dedicated financial coach, allowing you to focus on your family and career. This way, your financial strategy is always getting the attention it needs, minus the distractions.

Are you wealthy?

Whether you’ve earned it, managed it or inherited it... significant wealth should be invested wisely and safely, for yourself and future generations. If your finances are complicated or layered, allow our expertise to bring clarity and surety to the table, so your hard earned wealth grows and remains protected.

Are you a business owner or professional?

Building a successful business and a significant wealth portfolio can be a challenge for many. We subscribe to a simple theory... you remain the expert at your profession and allow us to share our wide expertise to effectively reduce the complexity of your financial affairs. This way you can channel your energies into what you know best, and we can do the same. That’s a win/win in any case.

Alternatively, you may be an astute investor who enjoys managing their own portfolio? In this case we can provide appropriate advice to help validate your strategy and ensure adequate structures and safeguards are always in place.