Disability Income Insurance

Peace of mind – Being paid a regular income if you were unable to work

The majority of Australians do not think twice about insuring their home and contents, it makes sense to insure your biggest asset, right?
Wrong…..the average Australian could earn in their lifetime much more than the value of the average home, yet the majority of income earners do not insure their largest asset – their ability to earn an income.

Even more surprisingly, many self-employed individuals have no Disability Income Insurance- even though it is tax deductible!

Nobody wants to think about being injured or falling ill. Government benefits, Workers Compensation and sick leave may help alleviate some of the burden of illness or injury, but they aren’t designed to replace an income, and certainly not for long periods.

How can Disability Income Insurance help you and your family?
Disability Income Insurance can pay you up to 75% of your gross monthly salary, so you and you family will be taken care of financially, at a time when finances are the last thing you should have to think about.

Sterling Planners can assist
Our advisers will help find you the Disability Income policy that suits your specific needs. The right amount of Disability cover will give you peace of mind.