Trauma Insurance

Peace of mind – Knowing you didn’t have to worry about expenses while recovering from illness or injury.

Key ingredients to a making full recovery after an illness or an accident, are the right medical help; time to recover and minimal stress. Medical help can be costly and time to recover means time off work which can be a major financial drain. Trauma Insurances eases the financial burden because when really need to rest – you can.

How can Trauma Insurance help you protect your family’s future?
Trauma Insurance pays a tax free lump sum for a range of specified life threatening illnesses or injuries. There are no restrictions on how the payment is spent.

Sterling Planners can assist
The number and type of conditions covered by Trauma Insurance can vary; our advisers will look into this before purchasing cover. Our advisers will also assist in helping you determine the amount of cover that will give you and your family some peace of mind.

Client Testimonial
" We're not lovers of official documents and often overlook things relating to our superannuation and insurances... thankfully Brent (Hutton) is a detail person and keeps abreast of all our policies. Thanks to Brent's awareness regarding the details of our trauma insurance, we realised a benefit of $50,000.00 that otherwise would have been completely overlooked."  Jan and Mike Roker - Clients for over 7 years