Transfer and Invest in GBP - No Fx Rate Concerns.


TRANSFER and Invest in GBP - Exchange into AUD when you decide:

We are excited to offer a range of UK Sterling Investment Options for clients concerned with the impact of fluctuating GBP/AUS Dollar exchange rates. We currently offer a range of investment options (in GBP) according to your risk profile enabling a diversified investment portfolio.
For more details - see our Latest News - Sterling Option.

Resulting from the April 2015 UK Legislative Changes governing QROPS transfers, a viable option for transfers to Australia is via a ROPS certified SMSF.  Should you wish to transfer and invest in GBP due to fluctuating exchange rates, the following investment options are available:

You have the option to invest in GBP directly in assets such as:

  • Foreign Currency Cash
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) - which invest across a range of international shares, property, bonds, cash and gilts
  • Corporate and or government bonds

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How to get started?

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