Why Us for QROPS Advice? 


Sterling Planners (SP) are one of the most experienced, reputable UK Pension Transfer specialists in Australia. Our steadfast approach to protecting your retirement money assures total peace of mind in the safe, secure transfer options we recommend.  We predicted (and warned prospective clients for the past year) that new HMRC legislation impacting Offshore transfers (i.e. to NZ, Malta, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man etc) was on the horizon affecting individuals not intending to reside in the same country as their QROPS.

Breaking News 9 March 2017: QROPS transfers to New Zealand, Malta, Guernsey, Isle of Man etc will now incur a tax charge of 25% on the total transfer value if the individual does not reside in the same country as the QROPS - click here for more details.

Sterling Planners are the market leaders in providing specialist QROPS advice for UK pension transfers, turning a complicated process into a stress free experience for our clients.
Listen to one of our many client testimonials - Nik Hayes (a UK Chartered Accountant) and financial expert in his own right, after researching the complexities of UK Pension Transfers, realised the need for specialist QROPS advice.

Getting expert QROPS advice could potentially save you thousands of $$$ on your transfer - click here to see how.

We offer a comprehensive assessment of your UK pension situation, with a detailed comparative analysis as to whether transferring would benefit you financially - ensuring you make a fully informed decision. 

Why Sterling Planners have the best reputation in the industry?

  • Word of Mouth Referrals - Much of our new business comes through referrals from existing satisfied customers.  We have been the leaders in this market for nearly 2 decades. Our client list includes many financially knowledgable individuals (such as Nik Hayes above) who thoroughly researched UK pension transfers and concluded that QROPS regulations are complex and often changing, therefore, specialist QROPS advice was essential to ensure a tax optimised transfer which incurs no penalties for non-compliance with either UK or Australian regulations. 
  • QROPS Experts - Since 1997 we've been the market leaders and the experts in this field. We have a 100% success rate in making compliant transfers. Non-compliant transfers attract penalties of up to 55% of your total transfer value.
  • Wholesale Exchange Rates - passed directly on to you. In many cases, the savings alone from these wholesale fx rates more than cover the transfer fees - click here for an actual client case study illustrating a client's savings from fx rate alone of AUD$16,000.
  • Sterling Transfers - We can retain and invest your transfer in GBP, thus no need to wait for good exchange rates.
  • Australian Tax - We keep abreast of the latest ATO tax rulings on UK Pension Transfers, thus optimizing your tax obligation - click here for latest news - April 2015 ATO Ruling on UK Pension Transfers.
  • Our Simple - Three Step UK Pension Transfer Service - makes the whole process easy and stress free for you.
  • Personalised Assessment of your UK Pension situation - our UK Pension Transfer Report is one of the most comprehensive advice documents in the industry.
  • Full Service Financial Planning Advice - if required by you. We can help you with your Retirement Planning, Investment Portfolio Management, Personal Risk Insurances and more.


How to get started?

  • Click here to download our FREE UK Pension Transfer E-book - contains information AND our Letter of Authority form.