UK Pension Transfers To Australia

Sterling Planners have been the market leaders in UK pension transfers to Australia for 20 years. We specialise in tax optimising large transfer values and are considered one of the most reputable and experienced QROPS specialists in Australia.  If you want your transfer done right, in a tax optimised manner, Sterling Planners are the prudent choice for expert QROPS advice - watch video testimonials above from some of our discerning clients. 

Utilising our professional transfer services could potentially save thousands of $$$ - click here for details.

We assist UK migrants (and returning expats) to transfer (eligible) UK pension funds from the UK to Australia as a lump sum. We offer an integrated global solution, incorporating UK advice (if required) from FCA licenced UK advisers, UK SIPP set up (if required), SMSF set up (where required) and all intra-UK and overseas transfers. 


Be wary of companies that cold call you, offering free QROPS advice and no face to face meetings, as these may be scams. Companies previously promoting offshore transfers to Malta, Gibraltar, Guernsey, NZ & Isle of Man (often based in Hong Kong or Spain) are now restricted by the HMRC 25% Overseas Transfer Charge (tax), announced in March 2017. If you do not currently reside in the same country as the QROPS fund you transfer to, you will be subject to a 25% tax.

Is your UK pension eligible for transfer? Download our Free E-book or see our Eligible UK Pensions Page . Contact our Client Service team on 1300 132 737 if you have any questions.

Breaking News 9 March 2017: QROPS transfers to New Zealand, Malta, Guernsey, Isle of Man etc will now incur a tax charge of 25% on the total transfer value if the individual does not reside in the same country as the QROPS - click here for more details.


Basic Eligibility Criteria:

Most personal, company and civil service (funded public sector) pensions can be transferred as a lump sum for those aged 55yrs or over if:

  • The fund has NOT yet begun paying a pension payment or annuity (excluding draw down pensions)
  • The funds are transferred into an Australian Superannuation fund on the HMRC ROPS List. See our Over 55 SMSF Transfer Option - click here.
  • For funded Civil Service/Public Sector Pensions that are eligible for transfer - eg. Local Govt Pensions Schemes and USS - (Universities Super Scheme) - they usually require completion of the transfer prior to turning 60 yrs old - (we recommend getting transfer quotes at least 9mths prior to your 60th birthday)

    • All unfunded Civil Service Schemes (eg NHS, Teachers, Police, Firefighters, Armed Forces) CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED - effective from 6 April 2015 - click here for details.

UK pension transfers to Australia are complex and time consuming. We can save you time, money and the hassle.

We offer a comprehensive UK Pension Report for your particular situation which includes:

  • detailed financial comparisons between leaving the funds in the UK Vs transferring to Australia
  • calculation of Australian tax obligations (if applicable)
  • comparison of retirement planning and estate planning benefits
  • exchange rate considerations and options
  • outline of requirements and obligations for SMSF set up, procedure for obtaining inclusion on the HMRC ROPS list and ongoing administration and /or wind up of SMSF
  • outline of applicable transfer fees plus any relevant fees for the legislated UK advice required on the transfer of Defined Benefit Schemes
  • the fee for our comprehensive UK Pension Report is $1,650 (incl GST). It is strongly recommended that you obtain this professional advice before making any decision about transferring your UK pension

In addition, we offer -

  • a complimentary meeting/consultation with a QROPS specialist adviser prior to commencement of the advice process in order to ensure your complete satisfaction with our company expertise and transfer process.

Our FREE UK Pension Transfer E-book contains:

  • QROPS/ROPS Information - including 6 April 2012 and 2015 changes 
  • Which UK pensions are eligible for transfer to Australia
  • Our Checklist - All the questions you should consider before making any decisions about your UK pension transfer.
  • Australian Tax - 6 mth tax free window - Recent ATO Tax Ruling on UK Pension Tranfers


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