What To Expect


For a summary of our simple 3 step UK Pension Transfer Service - click here. For Financial Planning services, unlike most financial planners, we do not treat you as though you are just part of an audience. You are fully involved in driving the planning process. Your involvement in (and ownership of) your financial plan is ensured through our Lifestyle Planning process.

In the first meeting, our experienced financial adviser will take you through a basic overview of your current lifestyle choices (i.e daily living costs & revenues, cars and holidays, school fees and other costs for dependants etc) and then together we discuss your planned retirement lifestyle. This review will highlight any areas where your plans and wishes may outstrip your resources and discussions surrounding key tradeoffs, investment strategies, risk assessment and insurance requirements will naturally result at this stage.

We then use your Lifestyle Plan to drive our tax, super and investment strategies and recommendations as well as using it for the basis of our ongoing planning reviews to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals and dreams.