Free UK Pension Transfer E-book

Please Note: If you have a UK State Pension (or Old Age Pension), these are not eligible for transfer from the UK to Australia – click here for a link to State Pension Information.

Transferring your UK pension into an Australian superannuation fund can bring increased flexibility, tax benefits and greater income potential. There are also potential pitfalls that you should consider. This e-book gives you a checklist of all the critical issues you need to examine and includes the Letter of Authority Form you will need to initiate the process of receiving professional QROPS advice from Sterling Planners on your particular situation.

This free comprehensive guide will assist you with the following questions:

  • Do you have an eligible transfer?
  • Do you understand the latest QROPS regulations?
  • Exchange Rate Concerns? How to retain your funds in GBP – Our Sterling Investment Options.
  • Are you within the 6 month tax free period and have you calculated any tax liability?
  • What are the critical issues to consider? A complete checklist for your convenience.
  • What are the benefits and pitfalls of transferring a UK Pension to Australia?
  • What is the Sterling Planners Three Step UK Pension Transfer Service?

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Transfer UK Pension to Oz with QROPS experts

Last update 11 December 2014