What Our Clients Say


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On UK Pension Transfer Services:

“I’m a Management Consultant who came to Australia 6 years ago... Sterling Planners helped me navigate the best strategies for tax optimised, large transfer values ...and they’re really nice people to deal with...?  - Dave Gooding


On UK Pension Transfer Services:

“Nik Hayes, a chartered accountant from the UK, explains why UK pension transfers are not a DIY project and how working with Sterling Planners has provided him a tax compliant structure that is managed in a coordinated way.?  - Nik Hayes


On UK Pension Transfer Services:

"I would certainly recommend getting your UK funds over here where you can control them better... Brent was brilliant at making the whole, complicated process of transferring my UK pension here a smooth and efficient exercise and he kept me informed every step of the way." - Paul Southgate - Client for over 8 years


On UK Pension Transfer Services:

"The reason I chose Brent and Julie was because of their experience with UK Pension Transfers. They actually started doing UK transfers when a lot of other people wouldn't touch them - mainly because it was such a complicated process initially, with lots of paperwork and rules and regulations to wade through... I did try a couple of other financial advisers and found that they didn't really know their stuff... and that was very difficult because my money was in a different country... I believe it's important to deal with people who know what they're doing. Brent makes it all so easy... he explains everything very well. It's been over 10 years now and he's still looking after my portfolio and we've become very good friends" - Sue Gleave - Client for over 12 years


On UK Pension Transfer Services: Testimonial for Nic Blakemore, Director of UK Pensions:

When the CEO of the British Australian Pensioners Association recently asked (August 2013) - "...can someone recommend a UK pension transfer specialist here in Australia? " -  Mike Brennan responded with this:

" After looking very closely at the options over the past few years, we ended up using Sterling Planners. Nic Blakemore, their UK Pensions Director, project managed my transfer – email  nic.blakemore@sterlingplanners.com.au.

The main reason we used Sterling Planners is because we wanted access to a new (QROPS approved) super fund where the funds are held in Sterling rather than converted to $AUD. They can invest your funds in a menu of GBP options, but the funds remain in sterling until you decide the exchange rate is more desirable, whereby you can flip it to AUD$.
Sterling Planners was the first company to do this (in 2013) and they are definitely ahead of the game.

They also setup a self-managed super fund for us which, if you have over A$300k, is worth doing in the view of most financial advisors. The running and accounting of the fund is managed by Cavendish so you don’t need to do much at all in respect to reporting and accounts.

Sterling also have experience in transferring large amounts (over A$540k) to optimise your tax situation.  In this regard, their alternative was far preferable to some of the other complicated and expensive options based in UK. I've found that local accountants don't seem to know the smart way of handling transfers.

Sterling Planners also setup a complete investment strategy using their online "e-Clipse" super fund - which has the "super" and investment options for "other" investments all in one place in a "UMA" - a unified managed account.  So you can manage the investments of your "super" if you like or they can do it for you.  It includes online share trading for "super" and non- "super" accounts, all investments are transparent and you can drill through to see what’s happening if you desire. So you can check online at any time to see how your fund is doing.

Sterling Planners can also offer a hedge or protection option ... that reduces any drastic losses over time. Click here for more details.

Mike Brennan




 On UK Pension Transfer Services:

"I am a qualified chartered accountant by profession, so I have a fair understanding of finance. I found that with Brent and his team, they communicated to me on my level of financial understanding with prompt, efficient and professional service. We are very happy here in Australia because financially we started off in the right way with the advice we were given by Brent Hutton." - Roy Keeping - Chartered Accountant - Client for over 5 years



On Trauma Insurance - The Benefit of Having a Personal Financial Adviser:

"We're not lovers of official documents and often overlook things relating to our superannuation and insurances… thankfully Brent (Hutton) is a detail person and keeps abreast of all our policies. Thanks to Brent's awareness regarding the details of our trauma insurance, we realised a benefit of $50,000, that otherwise would have been completely overlooked." - Jan and Mike Roker - Clients for over 9 years


On Self Managed Super Funds:

"Unless you're a real expert in the game, you really need somebody who knows what they're doing to give you good advice. I think the most important thing with a financial adviser is that you can actually trust them... I've known Brent for 10 years now and I trust him." - Paul Southgate - Client for over 8 years



On Retirement Planning:

"The transition to retirement can often be overwhelming for people... and having good advice on the best options available for my financial situation...made me feel confident that what we were doing was the right thing. We have always wanted to buy property in New Zealand... and needed the funds from our superannuation to help fund this. Brent helped us to do this in a timely and efficient manner and our finances are now in good shape for retirement, even through the Global Financial Crisis thanks to the help and advice we received from Brent Hutton." - Sue Gleave - Client for over 12 years


On Choosing a Financial Planner:

"Availability of advice is fundamental and Brent is available to you whenever you want to talk to him... he doesn't just put your money somewhere and forget about it... he's there and he's working for you... and that's what I like." Roy Keeping - Chartered Accountant - Client for over 5 years