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By Trish Harding

Nic Blakemore, Sterling Planners Director, talks about our Sterling Investment Options in this video:

FOR CLIENTS CONCERNED WITH FLUCTUATING EXCHANGE RATES – retain and invest your UK Pension Transfer in GBP/Sterling (if you are over 55yrs, Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen with transfer values of £100k or greater):

Sterling Planners offer ROPS certified SMSFs in both AUD$ and GBP for clients aged 55yrs and over. For those wishing to retain their UK monies in GBP until more favourable exchange rates ensue, we offer Sterling based investment options, for a variety of risk profiles, enabling a diversified portfolio of investments.

For those wishing to transfer and invest their UK monies in GBP Sterling, the following investment options are available in GBP:

You have the option to invest in GBP directly in assets such as:

  • Foreign Currency Cash
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) – which invest across a range of international shares, property, bonds, cash and gilts
  • Corporate and or government bonds

If you would like specialist Advice on your particular UK pension situation, call our client service team on 1300 132 737 to initiate our 3 Step Pension Transfer Service.