Our 3-Step UK Pension Transfer Service:


Getting expert QROPS advice could potentially save you thousands of $$$ on your transfer - click here for details.
On average, UK pension transfers take up to 6-9 months from beginning to end with the main bottlenecks being processing times for HMRC to issue ROPS certification for each SMSF and processing times for the UK pension schemes to provide data and execute payments can be quite quite slow. 

If you would like to engage our services for professional QROPS advice on your particular UK pension, proceed to Step 1 as outlined below:

  • Step One - Call our client service team on 1300 132 737 to ensure that you are eligible for one of our services under current QROPS regulations. If eligible and interested in engaging our services, we will send you two forms - our Letter of Engagement (LOE) form and our Letter of Authority (LOA) form - which allows us to gather the necessary data from your UK scheme(s) and generate our UK Pension Transfer Report. 
  • Step Two - Once your UK Report is complete (usually 6-12 weeks after sending in the LOA form) we will arrange a secondary face to face consultation with a Director (QROPS specialist adviser) to present our recommendations in the UK Pension Transfer Report. Your Report will be explained in simple, easy to understand terms and will outline whether or not transferring your UK pension to Australia is the best option for you financially.
  • Step Three - Project Management of Transfer - if you decide to proceed with a transfer after receiving your UK Report consultation, we can manage the entire project for you - including setting up the relevant SMSF or UK SIPP (as required), obtaining HMRC ROPS certificate and relevant trust deed for SMSF, ATO Fund registration, provision of TFN and ABN (where required), preparation of all fund trustee/member application and minutes, establish fund bank accounts, ensure compliance with any ATO tax requirements on transfer (if applicable) etc. For a summary of the services we provide, please refer to our Over 55 SMSF Transfer Service page. In addition, there are large volumes of paperwork - we  will pre-complete these, where possible, ready for your signature and can process the paperwork via the appropriate UK scheme/UK SIPP/ATO or HMRC tax office - thus removing you from most of the time consuming administration and hassle.


Reasons To Transfer Now

It's important to transfer your UK pension before you reach retirement age and advantageous to transfer tax free or with lower tax:

  • There is a 6 month tax free period from your date of Australian residency - (although given the average timescale for transfers is between 6-9mths, this is difficult for most to achieve).
  • For information on Taxes on UK Pension Transfers - see Latest News - ATO Tax Ruling.
  • Failing that, ensure you transfer before you retire - The funds generally CANNOT be transferred as a lump sum once they start paying you an annual pension or annuity (excluding certain "draw down pensions").  
  • For eligible Civil Service Pensions ( i.e. funded public sector schemes such as Local Govt Pension Schemes, USS etc), you must make a formal request for transfer before you reach 60 yrs of age - we recommend making this request at least 9 months prior to your 60th birthday.


How to get started?

  • Click here for our FREE UK Pension Transfer E-book - contains information and AND our Letter of Authority form.